the Silver six film

THE SILVER SIX is a comedy feature film with an hilarious script and huge commercial appeal.

Out With the Old Films Limited, the company dedicated to the production of THE SILVER SIX, is seeking a total investment of $10 million.

Investor memorandum


Perhaps you have always wanted to be part of the exciting and glamorous film industry? You have passion for movies, believe in THE SILVER SIX project and see potential for a profitable return on investment.

It’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet the stars, rub shoulders with celebrities, attend premieres and VIP screenings and parties at The Groucho Club in Soho.

Maybe you want to be an extra in the film or just visits to the set during filming. Sit in Director’s chair, hold the clapper board and shout “ACTION!”

meet the director

Vadim Jean

Vadim Jean started directing in 1992 and since then has directed or produced 15 feature films along with award winning television in every conceivable genre for most of the major UK broadcasters. He has also directed more than 200 commercials, winning most of the major advertising awards.


Investment Pitch Slides

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The full powerpoint presentation of THE SLIVER SIX. Directed by Adam Drew.

Sliver Six
Climate change
Parental issues
Animal conservation
Crazy tech billionaire
Smashing stereotypes
Love in later life
Female leadership

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